Calvisius proudly introduces two exceptional products from the Trikalinos lineup: Bottarga and Bottarga powder, made in Greece. The Trikalinos family has been producing Traditional Grey Mullet Bottarga for four generations. Since 1856, the tradition of preserving the delicate roe from Grey Mullet is passed on from father to son.

Trikalinos Bottarga is the only product in its class with the lowest salinity (less than 2%), an umami taste and the longest aftertaste and more velvety texture.

Research published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, showed that Trikalinos Bottarga is a food of high nutrition value, providing significant amounts of protein, fatty acids and vitamins. It has a healthy lipid profile in terms of omega - 3/omega - 6 ratio, while the antiplatelet reactivity of its oil indicates a putative antithrombotic potential, which was verified recently in collaboration with the Greek Institute of Pasteur, in animal experimental model.

Avgotaraho (Bottarga)

Delicacy of cured mullet or tuna roe Avgotaraho (Greek) Batarekh (Arabic) Botarga (Spanish) Bottarga (Italian) Karasumi (Japanese) Poutargue (French) In Greece, avgotaraho is produced primarily from the flathead mullet caught in Greek lagoons. The whole mature ovaries are removed from the fish, washed with water, salted with natural sea salt, dried under the sun, and sealed in melted wax.

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Trikalinos Grey Mullet BottargaTrikalinos Grey Mullet Bottarga
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Trikalinos Grey Mullet Bottarga powderTrikalinos Grey Mullet Bottarga powder