Cutting-edge sturgeon farm in Italy is dominating the World’s caviar market.

Now exposed: Some “caviar companies” have been cutting corners by selling lower quality caviar made with questionable methods...and selling it at a premium to unaware customers.

Mark is a loyal customer of ours who almost missed out on trying our caviar because it was too pricey compared to other caviars available on the market. He didn’t want to give us a chance - he’s now glad he did.

We agree: ours is the best possible version of most of the caviar you find out there.

As a matter of fact, most of the less expensive caviar that has overflown the market in the past years cannot be compared with Calvisius Caviar. Truth is: we don’t even see these companies as competitors, as our products really do come from different worlds! 

Let me dig deeper, I promise that even if you decide not to try our caviar, you’ll at least know what to look for when you decide to try a new brand.

Only sturgeon eggs cured with salt can be called “caviar”, and most of the products on the market sold as “caviar” do not come from real sturgeon. They come from either other fish, or hybrid sturgeon, aka species that have been genetically manipulated.

Yes, you read it right. Hybrid sturgeon!

“Why hybrid sturgeon?” it’s probably what you are thinking.

Money! Money is the reason why. 

Actually time is the reason, but as you know time is money.

You might not be aware of this, but sturgeon needs between 6 to 22 years to mature and produce the sustainable, top-rated, caviar we sell.

Can you imagine taking care of a fish for 22 years before harvesting its precious eggs? The investment in time, organic feed, constant monitoring of the fishes’ health, environment and the pureness of water fish live in, and the overall labor involved?

Maybe you don’t, but let me tell you...all of this requires a substantial monetary investment. No wonder caviar is so valuable!

To obtain the best quality, the elegant and clean taste, and delicate aromatic notes of Calvisius Caviar, that’s the only way to do it. And trust us, we’ve been doing it since the 1970s.

Now let’s go back to hybrid sturgeon. 

Imagine doing some cross breeding of species and genetic manipulation experiments to cut corners and have the caviar ready in half, or even less, of that time. 

Imagine feeding the fish not with the best feed available but with high-hormones and antibiotics enhanced feed, with the specific purpose of growing them as fast as possible.

There is no need to imagine, that’s exactly where the cheap caviar you find on the market comes from.

Our sturgeon really do live a great life: they swim in temperature controlled lagoons, fed by pristine fresh waters from nearby natural springs, and are fed only organic feed. 

We even have a team of biologists and in-house veterinarians always checking on them. We take care of them as if they were our babies. No joke.

Happy sturgeon = premium caviar

Another reason why so many customers trust us is traceability.

When you buy our caviar you are guaranteed to know exactly where it comes from: our cutting edge farm in Calvisano, Italy. And we implemented the first label tracking system to support that.

When you buy our caviar, the back label, placed on each of our tins, will tell you exactly all you need to know on the sturgeon it comes from. Not the location, the fish!

Our cheap-caviar competitors can’t and won’t do the same.

Do you not believe me?

Try to ask other companies where their caviar is from and wait until they’ll reply to you “Eastern Europe or Asia”.

Not their fault. Actually most of the better known Caviar brands out there are traders, not farmers like us, and they’ll buy the cheaper caviar they can find in the open market. 

And I explained to you how they keep prices down!

Well, now that you know the truth and are ready to try premium caviar, you may wonder: which caviar should I try? You have so many styles to choose from!

Now that’s a tough question for us to answer, it’s like someone asking you: “which icecream flavor should I try?” It depends on what you like! Try a few, and then pick your favorite.

We developed a great way for you to taste our caviars: