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Calvisius Siberian Royal

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Weight: 28 g / 1 oz
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  • Species: Siberian sturgeon, Acipenser baerii
  • Origin of the species: fluvial basins of Siberia (from the Ob to the Kolyma rivers) and Lake Baikal.
  • Size of the fish: medium-sized, with a weight between 8 and 40 kg (17.6 to 88.2 lbs).
  • Roe diameter: medium to large, 2.7/3.0mm
  • Color: from dark grey to light brown
  • Texture: firm
  • Character: full flavored with slight iodine elements
  • Aromatic notes: nuts, oyster, nori seaweed, honey

Flavor Notes

With its full-flavored aromas and an unabashed, pure taste, our Siberian Royal caviar promises an indulgent culinary experience that will transport you to the depths of the ocean.
A bold caviar, the Royal selection boasts a perfect marriage between bottarga and dried fruit flavors with just a trace of cured meats. A succulent caviar that demands attention, starting out creamy and luscious, its finish is long and mighty.

Recommended Pairings

Brut champagne or dry white, highly mineral wines (such as Muscadet or Chablis), or premium vodka. Serve with smoked fish or oysters because it stands up to it; this is the caviar to serve atop smoked salmon for an elegant surprise.

Time required to harvest: 8 years.

Shelf life: 90 days, unopened, from ship date.

Ceremonial original tins - sizes 500 g, 1 kg, 1.8 kg available for special order. Require one week advance notice. Email us at hello@calvisius.com

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Kat Graham
Rich and Decadent

We enjoyed this caviar on blini and creme fraiche. The small eggs were full of smoky, rich, decadent flavor. We ordered several varieties of caviar from Calvisius and all were excellent in taste, texture, and quality. We will be ordering again.

Thanks for your review, Kat! Wishing you a wonderful New Year and many more joyful caviar filled moments!

jerome amos
Thank you. This was great.

We try the caviar at a de Gustibus foodie event in the Hamptons. We plan to have an event at our home soon to use the caviar during the event.

Dear Jerome:
Thanks for the amazing pictures and lovely review. We are glad Calvisius was part of your celebration, and we look forward to many more caviar dreams and happy moments!
The Calvisius Team

Wonderful taste and great value.

I love all of your caviar, wonderful taste and great price. Also your website is well described. I had a problem with shipping before, but this time, it was great!

Dear DB:
Thanks for your kind feedback. Here's to many more caviar dreams!
Cheers, The Calvisius Team

randall noakes
Unbelievable quality

Awesome. will order more again and higher price. Shipping and packaging bar none.

Dear Randall: wow, that looks like a fabulous pairing! Thanks for sharing. We look forward to your next order, and photo reporting of a memorable evening :-)
happy caviar!

Connie Lance

Exactly what I was looking for, will order again.
Thank you.

Dear Connie: thanks for your feedback. Look forward to continue filling your orders and making your caviar dreams come true :-)

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