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Calvisius Nero Puro

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We are pioneering the large-scale sturgeon farm industry and setting a new benchmark for the production of premium-quality caviar. With cutting-edge know-how and sustainable practices that lead the way in environmental conservation, Calvisius is an industry leader and an inspiration to all.

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We take pride in our quality, which begins with our labeling system.
We have recently updated our labels to reflect CITES standards, ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality caviar. Our sustainably farmed caviars strictly adhere to these regulations, providing our customers with a product that is both delicious and environmentally responsible.

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What is caviar?

For all the caviar lovers out there, it's important to read labels carefully.

True caviar is made only from sturgeon eggs belonging to the Acipenseridae species and cured with salt.

Don't be fooled by the misuse of the word "caviar" when referring to other types of fish roe, such as those from trout, salmon, or other fish. While these roes are also a delicacy, they should be referred to as roes, not caviar.

So, make no mistake and ensure that you're getting the real deal when it comes to this prized black pearl.

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