"Delicious. Best caviar I’ve ever had!" - Jackie Kleeb

Ars Italica Sevruga

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  • Species: Sevruga sturgeon, Acipenser stellatus
  • Origin of the species: Black, Caspian and Azov Seas and their tributaries, as well as the Aegean and Ionian Seas.
  • Size of the fish: rarely over 25 kg, a fragile and delicate fish to raise.
  • Roe diameter: small, 2.3 mm/2.6 mm
  • Color: varies from light to anthracite grey
  • Texture: delicate egg structure
  • Character: highly desired aromatic notes
  • Aromatic notes: rich and complex flavors of the sea with a slight touch of hazelnut and iodine. Slightly reminiscent of anchovies

Flavor Notes

Sevruga caviar, a rare variety available in limited amounts, features an unparalleled richness and complexity in flavor, boasting a bold and distinctive flavor profile. This exquisite delicacy presents a unique blend of rich and complex flavors from the sea, complemented by delicate hints of hazelnut and lingering salt notes.

With an aroma slightly reminiscent of anchovies, these small and delicate beads deliver precisely what Sevruga enthusiasts expect from a connoisseur’s caviar. Indulge in the ultimate caviar experience and savor the unparalleled taste of Sevruga.

Recommended Pairings

Serve on blinis or boiled fingerling potatoes with a dollop of crème fraîche. Pair with chilled premium vodka or a cuvee.

Time required to harvest: 8 years.

Shelf life: 90 days, unopened, from ship date.

Ceremonial original tins - sizes 500 g, 1 kg, 1.8 kg - available for special order. Require one week advance notice. Email us at hello@calvisius.com

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John Flowers

Ars Italica Sevruga

Alberto Vitale



Best caviar I’ve ever had!

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